It's time to reconnect with yourself

Whole Body Wellness

Bring all aspects of your life into alignment while nourishing your soul and enlightening your spirit. Through an array of world-class services and custom holistic programs, we will address the entirety of your being, and you will find yourself transformed. We aim to awaken your mind, and fill your soul with vibrancy and passion. Let us inspire you to live a life at full capacity, and help you connect to your light.

Custom-Fit Training

Our custom fit training goes beyond your typical guided workout. Designed around your specific goals and current level of fitness, these whole body wellness experiences will give you personal attention in an intimate space. Whether you are looking for small group, personal or partner training, we will continually challenge and fully support you and your goals. From yoga to TRX and free weights, our expert guidance will keep you accountable and well-rounded.

Awaken Your Senses

Our spa is a trusted space for your mind, body and spirit to be refreshed. Harmonize and balance both your physical, mental and emotional energy with massages, facials, waxes, and energy healing. Maintaining your health and vitality is easy in this urban oasis.



Discover the qualities, focus and discipline at the heart of great teams and companies with Margaret Rottsolk, Associate Certified Coach.

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Optimize your full body health with guidance from certified nutritionists and naturopaths.



Explore the human energy field, meditation, and new paradigm parenting taught by industry professionals.

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Reconnect with yourself

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